Taste without waste

Taste without waste

Two things are particularly important to us as organizers of a gourmet event: the best taste and responsible action. For us, this has always included the topic of sustainability.

Since our first Frankfurt Coffee Festival in 2021, we have therefore paid special attention to making our event more sustainable and fair. This starts with the selection of our partners and exhibitors, continues with the products we use, and doesn't stop with the event planning.

As a novelty in 2023, we have come up with something special: According to the motto "Taste without Waste", every visitor will receive a practical porcelain deposit cup! In terms of taste, this means: the best taste experience, as it should be. For the environment, this means: hundreds of disposable cups saved!

At the festival, the deposit cups can be exchanged at stations, so that you are always on the road with a fresh porcelain cup and ready for the next tasting stop. For the cup you have to deposit 4€ at the ticket purchase, which you can easily get back after the festival.

We are happy to take another step towards sustainability and look forward to your feedback at the Frankfurt Coffee Festival 2023!


FCF Team

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