BrewDog is a craft beer brewery that strives daily to make new discoveries and attract new lovers of its beer. Despite its growth, the company remains true to its roots and focuses on real craft and passion for good beer. BrewDog's biggest mission at its inception was to instill a love of craft beer in others, and that remains their main focus today. The brewery places special emphasis on unique quality and uses only the finest hops and malted barley for their beers from the best producers in the world. The combination of the finest barley malt, premium hops, Scottish spring water and homemade yeast results in perfect beers for every taste.

BrewDog operates state-of-the-art breweries where beer dreams come true. In Berlin, brewing is done with a state-of-the-art 100 HL system as well as a 10 HL pilot system for beer innovations. The company uses wind power and byproducts from the brewing process to power beer production. Sustainability is of great importance to BrewDog and they are transforming their breweries into eco-breweries. They already brew their beers with green power, but carbon is still released during the brewing process. That's why BrewDog is committed to removing as much carbon as possible from their production. What can't be removed from the atmosphere is offset through reforestation in collaboration with trusted partners around the world.

The BrewDog range includes hundreds of different beers, from Session-Strength Pale Ale and Lager to Imperial Stout and Sours. They produce the best craft beers in their state-of-the-art breweries and even operate the world's first craft beer hotel. Of particular note is The Overworks, BrewDog's experimental brewery that produces the best and craziest sour beers. At BrewDog, beer strength is not defined by alcohol content. Each style has its signature alcohol content, but the company likes to push the envelope to create something new and unexpected every time.

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